Josh Reddick had just finished talking to the media about his injured right wrist when he said to no one in particular "I should never have slid into that wall."

He was referring to the low wall in foul territory in Minute Maid Park in Houston that he slammed into in pursuit of a foul ball during the first road trip of the A's season.

It's tough to imagine Reddick not going all-out on defense however and there's little doubt if the same situation cropped up he'd go after the ball just the same. The good news is that the Astros have added padding to that portion of the wall to keep others from suffering a similar fate.

"I'm always going to go after that one" Reddick said. "It's the way I play."

Still this has been a terribly frustrating season for the Oakland right fielder who has gone from being the team's home run and RBI leader last year to being on-and-off the disabled list and when active in-and-out of the lineup.

Reddick is on the DL now in an attempt to see if rest can ease the pain in his wrist. He is hopeful that by the time his DL stint is up on Tuesday he'll be healthy enough to be activated. But manager Bob Melvin said Friday that it's likely Tuesday will be the first heavy session of batting practice for Reddick.

The outfielder took some swings Friday.

"I didn't feel any pain" he reported. "I'm optimistic. It's not as bad as it was the last time. Maybe I can play some defense or get in on some pinch-hit situations."

Melvin would rather have Reddick ready to play nine full innings however so the outfielder is likely to not be active as quickly as he would prefer.