Unless Edmonton Oilers’ GM Craig MacTavish has a sudden change of heart or somebody higher up the food chain tells him to make a coaching change (or I’m reading the wrong tea leaves), it doesn’t appear the beleagured Dallas Eakins is going anywhere; he will probably be running practice Monday morning before the Edmonton Oilers fly to his namesake city to play the Stars Tuesday.

That may not sit well with some folks in OilerNation, who seem mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore as Peter Finch was in that great movie Network, but MacTavish reportedly was interested in telling one and all shortly after Eakins’ post-game presser Saturday in the wake of a 7-1 Blackhawks drubbing, that Eakins was still his guy but it was decided the GM wait until the dust settled. And, really, firing the coach is always the knee-jerk remedy for fans.

Unless MacTavish is an NHL outlier, GM’s always try to make trades before they look at the coach (unless, say, the Oilers, losers of six in a row, also get blown out three in a row in Dallas, Nashville and St. Louis on the upcoming road trip). Really, this is the GM’s team. He put it together. He signed free-agents this summer (Mark Fayne, Benoit Pouliot) or before this (Justin Schultz) and he traded for players (Nikita Nikitin, who was also signed to a new deal, and Teddy Purcell). None of the guys brought in this summer by MacTavish (Fayne, Pouliot, now out 5-6 weeks with a broken foot, Purcell or Nikitin) has been a revelation, some far from it. Fayne has been the best, fairly steady on the back-end.

It’s up to the GM to look at his team and try and fix what’s wrong on the ice.

Like pretty much every NHL GM, he would rather make a trade or two to change the makeup of the team to help the coach out before making a move behind the bench. And, really, who would replace Eakins in a season that looks lost as far as the playoffs go? MacTavish, who was burned out in 2009 and left? Farm coach Todd Nelson? Oiler assistant coach Craig Ramsay, who has had head coaching experience elsewhere? Somebody unemployed like Pittsburgh’s Dan Bylsma? It makes some sense to ride this out, at least until the season ends.