Josh Hamilton is playing for a new team, the Angels, and he has a new five-year, $125 million contract.

So far, though, life as the Angels’ No. 32 hasn’t been much different than his final days as the Rangers’ No. 32.

In his final 17 at-bats as a Ranger, he got two hits and struck out eight times. In his first 16 at-bats as an Angel, is his 1-for-16 with eight strikeouts _ including his 0-for-4, two-strikeout performance Friday in his return to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Oh, and as expected he heard plenty of boos Friday, like his last game as a Ranger, the 5-1 Wild Card loss to Baltimore last Oct. 5.

“I can’t say that I didn’t expect it,” Hamilton said of the boos. ”I will never take back what I said, until they show up every night (to boo) for 30 years.

“But I’m glad I can help create spirit and fire in this town. Honestly, man, that was louder than any playoff game I’ve ever been to. So I’m excited for them about that. Hopefully the fans can carry that on through the season for them.”

Hamilton was asked whether his batting performance, which began with two strikeouts at the hands of Derek Holland, on just seven pitches, was a sign of anxiety.

“Would you blame me for being a little anxious?” he asked. “Yeah, first couple of bats, you have an idea of what the Rangers are going to do to you. They’ve seen what other teams have tried to do to me over the years. I had an idea what Derek was going to try to do.”