Josh Hamilton doesn't care what the fans have to say about him, or even whether his team wins or loses, according to a recent column by T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times.

"You cannot push my buttons," Hamilton repeatedly said, according to Simers.

Texas Rangers fans may finally have some insight into Hamilton’s carefree attitude at the end of last season while his performance plummeted, along with the Rangers’ chances to win the AL West.

Hamilton has continued to struggle after signing a huge free agent contract with the Los Angeles Angels. Entering the weekend, he is hitting .213 with four home runs and 11 RBI, and that’s after hitting two homers in the last two games.

Asked if his nonchalant attitude about his production turns off fans, Hamilton had a blunt answer:

"I don’t care," Hamilton said.

"I hear it from the stands every night. You have to come to the understanding that people like to bring up your weaknesses and failures and throw them in your face.

"But it doesn’t get to me what anyone says. When you have the mind-set of what I have been forgiven for already, these people, these human beings bringing up things that God has already forgiven me for, it has no effect on me whatsoever.”

Hamilton also seemed to say he doesn’t care about wins and losses, or at least his personal performance.