Artie Lange, who for years established a cult following on The Howard Stern Show, is what some may call a "large" man. On the surface this standup comic has as much in common with Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton as a basset hound.

The common thread that joins these two professional "entertainers" is they are recovering drug addicts.

"Yeah, that is the understatement of the year. My entire life pretty much," Lange recently told me. "Starting with booze and it went to pills...I got involved with heroin. It almost killed me. It slowly just destroyed my life."

I asked him if he missed heroin.

"I would be lying if I said I didn't," he said.

As a public figure who is as out there with his addiction problems as Hamilton has been, Lange empathizes. While you are probably sick of Hamilton's act and want him to go away after he became the face of the Rangers' historic collapse, try to remind yourself this guy is one of the biggest reasons this team had such a good run and that what he deals with is not just sports bar chatter.

"I do respect a guy like Josh Hamilton. He's not a perfect person," said Lange, who co-hosts the syndicated The Nick & Artie Show with fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo. "I like Derek Jeter, but my god is he boring. Or A-Rod is just a [blank]. A guy like Josh I root for in life."