One day after going 0 for 5 with three double-play groundouts and two strikeouts, Josh Hamilton was penciled into the seventh slot of the batting order for the first time since 2009.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia indicated that Hamilton will stay there for as long as the slump continues.

Sixty-nine games into his five-year, $133 million contract with the Angels, Hamilton is batting .213 with 73 strikeouts.

"It'll be good for him to get out of the middle of the lineup, protecting Mike (Trout), protecting Albert (Pujols)," Scioscia said.

It seems as if the pressure is getting to Hamilton more than his demeanor on the field would indicate. Hamilton was booed roundly by the home fans Tuesday night, only to walk off the field calmly each time.

No bats were broken, no Gatorade bottles thrown in the process.

More than ever since arriving in Anaheim, Hamilton wants to make sure fans don't confuse his patience for apathy.

"I'm not going to break my bat on the field. There's kids watching," he said. "If they [the fans] don't think I care, they're mistaken because it hurts me more than it hurts anybody not to be performing."

However it is that Hamilton expresses his frustration behind the scenes, Scioscia has noticed.