New Jets WR/KR Josh Cribbs had been waiting and waiting for the call back to the NFL. On Monday he heard exactly what he was hoping for.
Cribbs missed a call from his agent while he was driving his car but received a text message that said to call back as soon as possible. So the former Brown pulled over and prayed that it was the call he was hoping for.

“I called him back and he was like ‘J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!’”
He had worked out for the Jets in May but Gang Green passed because of concerns over his knee. Two weeks ago he worked out for them again he said.

It was an unusual few weeks for Cribbs while he was home instead of practicing every day. He and a friend worked out on a high school soccer field until they were asked to leave because they were tearing it up so badly.

Cribbs said he still has the speed that once made him one of the league’s best return men but also that he now has some strength along with that.

“I’ve picked up some weight through the years muscle mass” Cribbs said. “So if somebody’s fast enough to catch up to me they’re not going to be strong enough to bring me down. That’s kind of been my motto. I’m going to run through a kicker. I’m going to run through tackles arm tackles.”

Cribbs who practiced for the first time as a Jet on Wednesday said he’s rotating reps in punt and kick returns.