For 27 years, Dan Marino held the NFL's single-season passing yards record after throwing for 5,084 yards in 1984. Since 2011, when Drew Brees established a new record with 5,476 yards, Marino's number has been topped five times -- thrice by Brees, once by Tom Brady, and once by the current record-holder, Peyton Manning.

Brees' 2011 total stood as the record for all of two years before Manning surpassed it by one yard in 2013. Two years later, Manning's 5,477-yard total might be in danger of falling as well.

As noted by the wonderful people of r/NFL, both Brady and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers are on pace to break Manning's record this season. Through seven games apiece, Rivers has 2,452 yards through the air and Brady has 2,410 yards. That puts them on pace for, respectively, totals of 5,605 and 5,509 yards.

Brady and Rivers don't only have the high yardage totals in common, though. They're getting those yards in remarkably similar ways.