Some players defy explanation. For now, that appears to define Jordan Crawford’s wild card role with the Celtics.

“(Crawford) in the open court is dangerous. I don’t know what he’s going to do, but nobody else does, either,” Doc Rivers said after the guard scored eight of his 12 points in an early 12-2 fourth quarter run in the C’s 109-101 win against the 76ers last night. “I want him to keep doing it, whatever he’s doing. He gives us another weapon.”

The key indeed is for Crawford to keep doing it.

“Kevin (Garnett), everyone got on him at halftime because he missed a couple of shots and you could see that he didn’t want to shoot it anymore,” Rivers said. “Our guys beat me to it. They said, ‘This is what you do — shoot the ball. They go in and they go out, but you have to keep doing it.’ When he came back out he was looking for his shot.

“(But) they’re not used to playing with Garnett, and Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry, and they want to fit in,” Rivers added. “We want them to fit in and do the right thing. The other thing he’s doing is making great passes. But what we tell everyone is if you’re missing your shot, keep shooting. We have no problem with it.”

Crawford sees nothing wrong with fitting in.

“I pick my spots. I’m on a new team, I’m trying to fit in,” he said. “It’s more than me not shooting. I have to find my spots. It will take time to get loose out there and find out what’s going. You don’t want to step on toes. It takes an adjustment period, but you also have to be yourself.”