Celtics guard Jordan Crawford, sensing a fast-break opportunity, had left by the time the locker room opened.

His choice of silence was probably wise, a day after saying, in obvious rancor, he didn’t remember playing the first half of this season for last night’s opponent, Washington.

All that mattered for Doc Rivers was his guard not try to sack Washington all by himself, and Crawford delivered. Crawford, who hit back-to-back jumpers in his first minutes of the night, rounded out with a balanced line: six points, 2-for-3 shooting, two assists and two steals in the Celtics’ 107-96 win over the Wizards.

“He was great in the first half,” said Rivers. “In the second half, I thought he wanted it a little much, but I thought for a kid who clearly wanted to beat this team — like any other kid does when you play your old team — I thought his composure was terrific.”

Crawford’s sudden case of amnesia had his former associates smiling.

Washington coach Randy Wittman, after listing the development of rookie Bradley Beal as the main reason the Wizards traded Crawford to the Celtics, came more to the point after hearing about Crawford’s short memory.

“I’m not going to get into a war of words here,” said Wittman. “That just explains why we did what we did.”

Crawford, who once said he considered himself the best player on the Washington roster, did not take kindly to Washington’s request he embrace the sixth-man role behind John Wall and Beal.

Wall had no doubt about Crawford’s motivation.

“He’s gonna be fired up. You know and I know he’s going to be fired up,” Wall said. “All we can do is worry about who is in this locker room now.”

Wall made it clear that his respect for the Celtics guard’s game remains intact.

“He did what he had to do here,” said Wall. “He was a great passer and scorer, for a sixth man, and he played with a lot of confidence in himself. We can’t get into a one-on-one battle with him, but we know who he is. He makes tough shots, and he plays the same way he played with us, but the difference for him now is there’s a lot more veterans and he’s on a playoff team.”