Jonny Gomes may not be a superstar, but a funny thing happens to teams he plays for — they win.
The Red Sox made Gomes their first offseason target because they recognized his unique ability to impact a clubhouse. His two-year, $10 million deal may not make complete sense when applying sabermetrics, but within the baseball operations offices on Yawkey Way, it was practically a bargain.
Since 2008, good fortune has followed Gomes at every stop. The 2008 Rays erased a history of futility by reaching the World Series with Gomes aboard. The 2010 Reds similarly ended a 15-year playoff drought. The Nationals acquired Gomes in July 2011, laying the groundwork for a breakthrough 2012 by going 15-5 down the stretch.

Gomes missed Washington’s coming-out party last year because he had taken his mojo to Oakland, where the upstart A’s claimed a shocking division title.
Gomes has given the subject of chemistry as much thought as Dmitri Mendeleev, and he speaks passionately of the special alchemy that makes some teams work and others fail.
“If you’re going to line up a Ferrari with a hybrid, the Ferrari’s going to win all day long,” Gomes said yesterday. “But horsepower, hype, that stuff doesn’t matter in this game.
“If the Oakland A’s and Anaheim Angels and Texas Rangers were in a boxing match, Don King wouldn’t even let us fight. We’re not even in the same (expletive) weight class. But we wanted in. And we won. How? Who (expletive) knows?”
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