Matt Bush was destined to be in a uniform. A brilliantly talented shortstop, Bush was selected by the San Diego Padres as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 amateur draft at 18 years old -- one spot ahead of Justin Verlander.

For the Padres, Bush was the local boy and hometown hero. He went to Mission Bay High School, just 10 miles from PETCO Park.

"I'm sitting in English class, and I told the teacher, 'Watch, check out the Internet, I'm about to be the first overall draft pick,'" Bush said. "And then, bam, it happened that way just like that. The next thing you know, the news is coming to my school, and a few days later I'm coming to class, and my head coach says, 'What're you doing here? You don't need to be here.' Even my teachers, I'm coming to take my final, they said, 'You can go, you don't have to take this. You're good to go.'"

It's 10 years later, and Bush is indeed wearing a uniform -- prison blues. As a boy he dreamed of wearing a number on his back, but DC# C07392 was not what he had in mind.

Bush's first arrest came two weeks after he was drafted on June 7, 2004. He was brought in on numerous charges stemming from an incident at a bar. His most recent arrest came eight years and three teams later, after he allegedly hit and ran over a Florida man, Tony Tufano, while driving drunk in March 2012.

I interviewed Bush at Hamilton Correctional Institution in Jasper, Florida, close to the Georgia line. He has been incarcerated since the spring of 2012 and our crew represented his first visitors.

Bush was tired and moving slowly when he showed up in the room selected for our chat. We conversed intimately in an old, exceptionally hot, minimally ventilated, out-of-service infirmary. The prison staff had neglected to alert Bush of our impending arrival, he said.