Four games into the new season, Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton has three saves — more than he had last year until May 9.

But Broxton has already served up two home runs, loud and unsettling reminders of how he went from closing in the All-Star game last year to losing his job at the end of games. His earned-run average sits at 6.00 as the Dodgers head into a two-game series against the Colorado Rockies beginning Tuesday in Denver.

"We're not worried about him," center fielder Matt Kemp said.

Part of that is because the home runs given up by Broxton had no effect on the outcomes of the games. When he was taken deep by Pat Burrell on opening day and Aaron Rowand on Sunday, the Dodgers had multiple-run leads over the San Francisco Giants. In both instances, the bases were empty.

Broxton shrugged when asked about the home run to Rowand, pointing out that he had a three-run lead.

"You've got to go after him and try to get quick outs," he said. "I was trying to do it as quick as possible. Especially when you have a three-run lead, you don't want to be out there messing around."

Manager Don Mattingly also said he was unconcerned about the long balls, and went so far as to say he liked the way Broxton was thinking on the pitch to Rowand.

"If he throws his good slider there, if he gets it where he wants, he gets him right there," Mattingly said. "He just didn't get it where he wanted. That's all right."

Only once in his three appearances against the Giants did Broxton enter the game with a one-run lead. That save, on Friday, was his cleanest. He retired all three batters he faced and threw only nine pitches.