Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester acknowledged that he keeps rosin — a legal substance — in his glove when he pitches but he denied that he was using an illegal foreign substance to doctor the ball after pictures emerged of a glowing green substance on the thumb of his glove.

“I know what I do day in and day out to prepare to pitch in big league games. I know that not once have I cheated” said Lester who threw 7 2/3 shutout innings in the Red Sox’ Game 1 win. “The picture does look bad. But it’s rosin. That’s all I can really comment on with it. It’s rosin. And my next start in Game 5 I’ll go out there and do the exact same thing and hopefully have the same outcome of the game.”

Lester said that he uses rosin liberally in order to compensate for the fact that he perspires profusely. By keeping it in his glove he said he can pitch with improved pace. He has no plans to alter how he applies it while pitching.

“I sweat like you wouldn’t believe. I need to keep water off of my hands and try to keep holding the ball. I think hitters would like that” said Lester. “For me it helps with tempo too. Every time you get a new ball you’re not walking to the back of the mound grabbing the rosin walking around. You can just reach in your glove and you’re back up on the rubber ready to go. That’s kind of how it started for me more of a tempo issue.

“It’s perfectly legal” he added. “They put it back there for a reason. I’ll continue to do it.”

Red Sox manager John Farrell likewise stated that “categorically” the only substance that was in Lester’s glove was rosin — the same legal substance that is on the mound.