It’s good to be Jon Daniels these days.

Seemingly, he now has all the power.

But in adding another chapter to Arlington’s “The Young [Jon] and the Restless [Nolan],” Daniels could actually have had more. Much more.

When the shift of power at the Ballpark started in November, sources say Texas Rangers ownership originally offered the club’s entire combo platter to the 36-year-old Daniels. Instead of general manager, he could have become Generalissimo.

Ownership, meaning Bob Simpson and Ray Davis, wanted Daniels to become the CEO in charge of both baseball and business. Isn’t that what Nolan Ryan once was around here?

Daniels, however, wanted to stay strictly with the baseball side, and declined the business-side promotion, which led to his new title of president of baseball operations/GM.

Rick George, an original Chuck Greenberg hire, and already in the front office, was given the title of president of business operations.

Nolan retained the now shaky title of CEO.

I asked Daniels about this on Tuesday night. From spring training in Arizona, he politely declined to make a comment.

But the man is obviously blessed with immense boss love, and there’s not a working stiff out there who doesn’t crave immense boss love. So far, I haven’t heard that Bob and Ray have offered Jon his own center-field statue, alongside Nolan and Mr. Vandergriff, or that Ballpark Way will have a name change to Daniels Drive, but stay tuned. Anything is possible.