Not only does linebacker Jon Beason want to play next year with the Giants he wants to stay with Big Blue for the rest of his playing career and beyond.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere ever. Ever” said the three-time Pro Bowler who arrived this month in a trade from Carolina. His six-year contract inked in 2011 voids after this season but the free-agent-to-be doesn’t want to go anywhere and could end up as a steal for the Giants.

“I was talking to [special assistant for player development/assistant coach] Jessie Armstead. I was ‘Man when I’m done [playing] I want a job like you. Whatever it is you do you’re still wearing the uniform. Thus far the city has been real cool. It’s a great group of guys. They’ve welcomed me like I was a draft pick here. I’m happy. I want to be contributing.”

The 28-year-old Beason has 21 tackles — 16 solo — in his two starts and has been arguably Big Blue’s best defensive player. DL Justin Tuck called him a “godsend” and Beason has shown a great football IQ not only absorbing the playbook like a sponge but already directing traffic and getting everybody lined up correctly.

“He’s got a nice voice. … He has good command’’ said defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. “I’ve talked … in the past about a [middle inside] [line]backer being able to command that front being able to make them get down put their hand in the dirt listen to the call and when he commands them they know he’s giving the right command.