Olli Jokinen makes no bones about his desire to remain with the Calgary Flames beyond this season, which would require a new contract.

However, Jokinen, who is due to be an unrestricted free agent July 1, isn't stressing about inking a new pact before the Feb. 27 trade deadline or even the Canada Day opening of free agency.

"If they decide a deal today, I'm OK. If they decide a deal at the end of June, I'm OK. If they decide a deal July 1, I'm OK. Whatever (the Flames) think is best for them, they will do," he said. "Some guys don't want to think about a deal, but I've been around enough to know my job is to play my best every day. It's not a distraction to me. For some guys, it could be a distraction, but my main focus is to try to bring it every night."