Joique Bell is a restricted free agent, but has no desire to leave the Detroit Lions.

"I do understand I'm a free agent, and I understand how the business works," Bell said Wednesday night after performing on Broadway in New York. "I would like to just bypass all this and sign a long-term deal. Just knock it out.

"I don't what to go nowhere, I know the fans don't want me to go nowhere, I know the team doesn't want me to go nowhere, the front office doesn't want me to go anywhere. So let's just make this happen."

Bell hails from Benton Harbor and attended college locally at Wayne State. He once worked as a security guard at a Lions training camp.

Now he's finally established himself as a bonafide NFL running back, after a transient first three seasons in the league, and did it with his home-state team. He broke out with a career-best 650 rushing yards and eight touchdowns in 2013, and also caught 53 passes for 547 yards.

His rags-to-riches tale, his rugged rushing style and his affable personality have made the tailback a fan favorite in Detroit. Now he doesn't want to leave.

Bell made $630,000 last year with the Lions, but is due for a sizeable bump.