The Jets keep winning news cycles, boy do they, even in the offseason, seem to be much better at that lately than winning football games. So we are talking plenty about Darrelle Revis these days, whether he stays or goes. There is always plenty of talk about the coach, Rex Ryan, who doesn’t just seem to have lost all that weight, but seems to keep shrinking in front of our eyes.
We have seen another change at general manager, Mike Tannenbaum out and John Idzik in. Jets fans want to know if Idzik has the chops and the game to make the Jets a real contender again, make them good enough to consistently win MetLife Stadium from the Giants and start winning the AFC East from the New England Patriots.
We know about the ownership of those teams, the best in sports, the Maras and Tisches with the Giants, Robert Kraft with the Patriots. But all this time after Woody Johnson bought the Jets, what do Jets fans really know about their owner, other than he seems to be really sweet on Rex Ryan?
I asked a big-time New York businessman, one who knows Woody Johnson and knows the world of big-time New York sports, about Johnson on Wednesday. The guy asked that his name not be used because he likes Johnson.
“Woody’s smart,” he said. “But you don’t have to be around sports for very long to understand that doesn’t make you a smart owner.”
Then we were talking about the Giants, and how they have such a specific brand, one with so much history, and about the Patriots, who have probably had the most successful brand in the NFL over the past 20 years.

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