The glove is old by today's standards, dating back to the spring of 2004 when the Atlanta Braves informed minor league shortstop Kelly Johnson he was now a minor league outfielder.

Johnson used the glove that season and the next when he reached the major leagues and played 79 games in left field for the Atlanta Braves.

"The one and only," Johnson said of the glove as he reached for it inside his locker on a recent morning.

A fulltime second baseman since 2007 with Atlanta, Arizona and Toronto, Johnson will find himself back in left field this season now that he is a member of the Tampa Bay Rays. The idea of playing more than one position was why Johnson finally settled on the Rays offer of a one-year, $2.45 million deal.

Rays executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said he's looking forward to seeing Johnson's "impending versatility."