Of the three high-end quarterbacks who probably will go in the first 10 picks of the NFL draft, Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel was the last to participate in his pro day. Already, Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater had a disappointing performance, while UCF's Blake Bortles had a solid, if not spectacular showing.

With more than 100 media members in attendance and with reportedly 31 of 32 NFL teams in College Station as well -- along with President George H.W. Bush -- Manziel's pro day was the circus that any fan could have loved. But say this for Manziel: he showed accuracy, a strong arm and a nice touch during his workout. Of all three quarterbacks, you could convincingly make the case that Manziel had the best quarterbacking pro day of any of them.

One of the biggest pieces of news that emerged before he took the field was that Manziel decided to throw in a helmet and shoulder pads, something that's not been seen before by just about every scribe in attendance. Including the legendary Gil Brandt.

The theories about why Manziel would do such a thing ran from the thought that he wanted to appear physically larger to the scouts in attendance to just simply wanting to show that he's ultra-competitive.