In talking about his dunk contest gameplan with NBA TV, John Wall wouldn't say anything, except to give away one hint.

“There will be extra bodies involved.”

Dead bodies? I hope they're not dead bodies.

"Extra bodies" probably just means he's going to require a bit of assistance whether it's a teammate alley-ooping him or he's jumping over someone. Hopefully it doesn't mean he needs someone to lift him up, because that wouldn't be good for the dunk contest.

Via DC Sports Bog, here's the full transcript:

Winer: I ask this question every year and nobody ever tells me anything, but what do you have planned?

Wall: I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve, that's all I can really tell you.

Winer: Here's what I want to ask, are there props involved?

Wall: Might be, might be. You've got to be creative nowadays, you know what I mean? Basically everybody's done every dunk you can do, so you've got to have some creativity to it, so that's what I'm trying to add to my flavor.

Winer: Are there extra bodies involved?

Wall: Yeah, there will be extra bodies involved.

Winer: You like to go to the left hand when you dunk; will the left hand be involved?

Wall: Both hands will be involved in this dunk contest. I think you're trying to get me to come out and talk about it.

Wall [asked something else about his left hand]: I don't know man. I grew up and I tried to dunk with my right hand and it never went down. So I just started using my right leg and I was able to dunk with my left hand, so I think that surprises some people.

So it's not like Wall came out and said it. He more repeated the phrase used in the interview.