John Wall will be back at Nationals Park on Thursday seeking redemption for one of the most embarrassing moments of his young career.
For two years, Wall has had to deal with the ridicule that came with throwing one of the most pitiful first pitches before a Washington Nationals game against the Baltimore Orioles. Coach Randy Wittman didn’t hold back when he dubbed the throw – better yet, bounce pass – “the worst.” But Wall will have a second chance to leave a better impression when he throws out the first pitch before the Nationals host the Chicago White Sox.
“Last time, I tried to throw a bullet, like I was really [Stephen] Strasburg or somebody and that didn’t work,” Wall said with a laugh. “I just want to make sure I get it to the mound. As long as I don’t hit the ground, I’m perfect with it. that’s all that matters to me. I don’t want it to be like last time.”
At the conclusion of a light practice at Verizon Center, Wall was practicing his form and explaining the difficulty of throwing a baseball from a mound to his teammates, Bradley Beal, Garrett Temple, A.J. Price and Kevin Seraphin. They all tossed baseballs from a halfcourt toward a tall, padded structure that is often used to help players get more arch on their jump shots. Most of the throws were on target until Seraphin, a native of French Guyana, nearly shattered the backboard with an errant toss that put his teammates in hysterics.