John Wall, with his excellent quickness, size, and court vision, should by all rights be one of the NBA's best pick and roll point guards. However, ranked him only 128th in the league as a pick and roll ball handler, with 0.68 points per possession during the 2012 season. For the sake of comparison, Derrick Rose, to whom Wall is frequently compared, ranked 22nd in the league with 0.93 points per possession on pick and rolls last year.

Wall's problems with the pick and roll are largely a result of a shaky jump shot that allows his defender to go under each screen. However, some of his struggles are likely the result of who is on the floor with him. Great pick and roll-oriented offenses tend to feature a great all-around point guard, a quick big man who can set brutal screens and shoot from 15 feet just as easily as he can roll to the basket and good spot up shooters spacing the floor. Washington, for the most part, just hasn't equipped him with those pieces.