Why don't we get it out of the way at the top, the New York Rangers are not firing John Tortorella. At least not this season.

And you know what? They shouldn't.

Fact of the matter is, bringing in a new coach right now doesn't fix anything. A new coach and a new system with a team that's unbalanced due to injuries in an already unbalanced lockout shortened season? That's completely counterproductive to help the Rangers make the playoffs this year -- which happens to be why people want Tortorella fired, because they don't think the Rangers are going to make the playoffs.

It just doesn't make any sense right now, and to be honest it might not make sense in a non-shortened season. Making a snap decision on most anything based off of this shortened season probably isn't good for the long-term health of the team. Sure, we speculated about Brad Richards being bought out, but decisions that are cap-driven have to be made sooner rather than later, which is the only reason why we talked about it in the first place.

If any coach has earned the right to see his team through this early-season slump it's Tortorella. As much as fans don't like to hear it, and as much as last year's performance raised the expectations of this team (as it should have), this year was always going to be a "make the playoffs and run" type of season.