The driving factor for Tuesday's trade with the Toronto Blue Jays was infield defense, and those who are overly familiar with the two players the Diamondbacks acquired weren't at all surprised by what they saw in the duo's first game Wednesday.

"They've got really good range," first baseman Lyle Overbay said of his former Blue Jays teammates, John McDonald and Aaron Hill. "Johnny Mac is one of the best. It's hard to not compare him with some of the best."

Said third baseman Ryan Roberts, also an ex-Blue Jays player, of McDonald: "I don't think he gets as much credit as he deserves. He's one of the best there is."

Hill made a nice play on a Ryan Zimmerman ground ball in the third inning Wednesday night, but it was McDonald's play, also on a Zimmerman ball, that had everyone buzzing. He ranged to his left on a ball up the middle, spun and threw to first to save two runs in the eighth inning.

"Just imagination and just to be able to get that ball and turn as quickly as he can and throw it," said Overbay, noting that he'd seen McDonald make that kind of play time and again. "Those are the little things that he brings, because he works on those things.

"Most guys don't make plays like that. They try, but they end up throwing it in the seats and it ends up being a base hit or an RBI."