The differences between John Farrell and John Gibbons are stark.
“They’re at two complete opposite ends of the spectrum,” said Jays first baseman Adam Lind. “One’s laid back and easy-going, the other one wants to know everything and is very serious about numbers and preparation.”
Bet you can guess which one’s which.
Farrell, regarded for his acute attention to detail and tireless work ethic, also had a reputation for micromanaging and communicating with a politician’s polish — for better and for worse.
Whereas Gibbons, who often presents himself as a slack-jawed yokel, is known for being a hands-off manager who let’s his players play and coaches coach.
Farrell seemed to have an answer for every question about every player in the Jays’ system, while Gibbons will often direct reporters to his lieutenants for updates on players on the active roster.
Gibbons is “worried about today and how we’re going to win today,” Lind said. “While (Farrell) seemed to know everything about everybody.”
Farrell returns to the Rogers Centre Friday night with the Boston Red Sox in his hotly anticipated — and likely hostile — homecoming to Toronto.
He was traded to Boston last October after twice requesting to be released from his three-year contract with the Blue Jays in order to pursue his “dream job” with the Red Sox.
In return for Farrell, the Jays received utility infielder Mike Aviles, who was later swapped with Yan Gomes to Cleveland for reliever Esmil Rogers.