In Wednesday's edition of the Around The League Podcast I noted that the Denver Broncos offense has a chance for a historic season along the lines of the 2007 New England Patriots.

One of the primary reasons for that optimism is the Broncos' emphasis on playing faster in a heavy no-huddle attack which has been cribbed from the 2012 Patriots -- via new Philadelphia Eagles mastermind Chip Kelly.

"You want change of pace" coach John Fox told NFL Media's Michael Silver. "Just like a pitcher -- you don't throw all fastballs. The good ones throw different speeds. They throw curves and sliders and changeups. That's the trend. Call it the 'Chip Kelly Effect'. We fell victim to it a year ago in New England. We kind of stole it from them really."

In a copycat league who can blame aggressive new coordinator Adam Case for adopting strategies from the best minds in football?

To an offense that finished second only to the Patriots last season the Broncos have added Wes Welker and athletic tight end Julius Thomas to provide a sustaining element in the passing game.

This is a nightmare scenario for opposing defenses.