There are two ways John Elway can view his roster.

One, his Broncos are coming off a 13-3 regular season that was the best in the AFC, better even than the Baltimore Ravens, the team that beat them in the playoffs and went on to win the Super Bowl. That Denver team seemingly has little need for dramatic changes.

Or two, the Broncos didn't come close to finishing off their season, losing their playoff opener in Denver.

As the man in charge of the Broncos' football operations, did Elway arrive at the NFL scouting combine this week figuring he needs to tweak, or significantly alter, his team's roster?

"I feel much better standing here now than I did two years ago," Elway said, referring to the 4-12 team he inherited when he assumed command in January 2011. "Thirteen and three was not good enough. It was nice, we won the division, had the home field. But when you lose in the first round of the playoffs, you know you have to get better. And whether you get better to play in the regular season, you have to learn how to play in the postseason.

"You make your money in the regular season. But you make your legacy in the postseason as a player."

As a former Broncos quarterback, Elway made his legacy through five Super Bowl appearances, winning the last two in the final two seasons of his career. Elway the Denver football operations boss spoke about the differences between the regular season and the postseason during his scouting combine news conference Friday. How does a team learn how to play in the postseason? Isn't it still a game of blocking and tackling? And breaking up the Hail Mary pass whether the game is played in October or January?