John Danks had no problems throwing his first bullpen session after shoulder surgery. He reported no unusual pain the morning after. Check and check.

He took his third step on Sunday by throwing his second bullpen session, and the signs still remain positive:

"I think that’s a big sign that I was able to get out there and feel good again," Danks said. "That makes me feel a lot better about things. We’ll see how it feels in a couple days. Let’s get a batter in there, it will be fun."

For now, though, it’s all about being patient.

"That’s not one of my greatest attributes," Danks said. "It’s been a little tough for me. It’s been a long road. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s getting there. Things are moving along nicely, from what I can tell."

Danks may not consider a patience a virtue, but hopefully Don Cooper and Robin Ventura will instill it in him -- even if brute force is necessary. Then again, that assumes the brain trust has enough patience itself. The last two pitchers who rushed back from significant surgeries would have benefited from more careful handling, and it wasn't really their fault.