Zach Ertz spoke at length on Tuesday about how his former college teammate, Jonathan Martin, has been handling what has become the biggest story in the NFL.

If one ESPN analyst's speculation is correct, they might soon be teammates again.

ESPN's Jon Clayton was asked on SportsCenter what the future holds for Martin, and he had an interesting take on where Martin might end up.

"If he does go to another team, maybe a John Harbaugh would take him on," Clayton said. "Or maybe Zach Ertz can convince Chip Kelly into bringing him in. He still has a football career left, it just depends on how much he can do this year."

While it was clearly speculation, and basically derived from the fact that Martin and Ertz are friends, it is an interesting idea.

The Eagles are extremely thin at offensive line, and even thiner at the tackle position. Although they have both Matt Tobin and Dennis Kelly, neither player has taken a snap yet this season for the team. Dennis Kelly came into this season as a second string tackle, but an injury in training camp started his fall from grace. The team also has little invested in Tobin, as he was an undrafted rookie out of Iowa. It's safe to say that neither player is viewed as a future starter.

Which brings us to Martin.

There is no doubt that Martin has had a rough start to his NFL career, both on and off the field. Martin struggled last season, and has not been impressive by all accounts in the games he played in this year.

It now appears, however, that he was playing in an unhealthy environment that wasn't healthy for him the past year and a half. Whether you believe what Richie Incognito did was wrong or not, there is no denying it clearly bothered Martin. The argument could very well be made that Incognito's alleged harassment of Martin had something to do with Martin's poor performance.

Martin would come to the Eagles as a former second-round pick who was considered and elite prospect going into the 2012 Draft.