Ok, now back to business . . . . You have all read about Johan's No-No and the risk of 130+ pitches on his post-shoulder surgery, so I assume you have that covered (and if not, Schultz does at the south end of this piece.

Carlos Gonzalez: There is no one hotter in major league baseball (or maybe all of sports) than Cargo. On Wednesday/Thursday, Cargo hit dingers in four straight at bats. In his "lesser" of the two nights, Cargo went 3-4 with three runs, three RBI, an HR and a SB. Check out these numbers so far: .332, 14 homers, 44 RBI and eight steals. That is a pace for 47 HR, 148 RBI and 27 SB. Monstrous! The bottom line here is that Cargo was undervalued at draft time this year because he missed some time last year with nagging injuries. Healthy, in Colorado, at the ripe young age of 26, this big year should have been very predictable. There may be a doubter in your league thinking he or she is selling high because of last year's "down" numbers (26-92-.295). Wow, wouldn't that be sweet?