The last time Johan Franzen scored a goal was Feb. 2 in Ottawa. Actually, Franzen had more than one that evening.

He had five.

Since then, a span of 14 games Franzen played, he became a father, ushered in the month of March, but still endured one of the lengthier droughts of his career.

He scored the Wings' second goal Saturday in what turned out to be a disappointing 5-4 shootout loss.

Franzen took solace in his goal.

"Definitely felt like a long time," said Franzen, who was more disappointed with the way the Wings lost than he was pleased he finally scored. "But what can you do? What can you do?"

Franzen has repeatedly said he wasn't pressing or looking to do anything out of the ordinary. But he was pleased, nonetheless, to finally get on the scoreboard.

"It's been a while," Franzen said. "I heard about it. I heard it was (14 games) since Ottawa. I remember the game. I haven't been tracking how many games (though)."

Franzen has been known to be a notoriously streaky scorer, so the Wings are hoping he'll get on one of his red-hot streaks.