Joey Votto was back with the Reds sooner than he hoped. Votto was in the lineup Tuesday after Team Canada’s short run in the WBC.

“I wish I was in Miami right now,” he said. “I wish I was playing the game we’re watching right now.”

The Team USA-Puerto Rico game was being shown on a big screen in the Reds clubhouse as Votto spoke. Team USA beat Canada to eliminate Votto’s Canadian team.

“I was proud to play with Team Canada,” Votto said. “I was lucky enough to be part of it. I’m thankful I was healthy enough to play.”

The WBC gave Votto an early taste of the way clubs will pitch him. He came to the plate 14 times. He had two singles and was walked five times. By contrast in the 2009 WBC, Votto came to the plate 11 times and only walked twice. He had five hits, including two doubles and a home run.

Votto says his lack of production this year wasn’t because of the way he was pitched.

“I didn’t feel like they (pitched me that carefully),” he said. “I was just missing pitches. It felt like the regular season, except I wasn’t doing anything offensively.”