Here's what Joel Embiid, standout Kansas big man and No. 3 overall pick of the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2014 NBA draft, looks like today:

And here, via Embiid's increasingly indispensable Twitter account, is what the Cameroonian prospect looked like way back in the long, long ago of 2011:

There is, of course, perhaps a greater degree of hope for those blessed with a 7-footer's frame and the sort of innate athleticism that would've made Embiid a terror on the volleyball court had he stuck with that game (which his father preferred, according to Grantland's Jordan Conn) and never been introduced to hoops. But genetics and luck alone don't determine an athlete's fate, obviously, and as Conn wrote in his piece on the 20-year-old center's come-up in Cameroon, Embiid put in the work:

[When Embiid first began playing,] “he thought he was Kevin Durant,” says Moudio. Embiid had never been taught to shoot, but that didn’t stop him from launching (and missing) 3s. He had never learned to dribble, but from the moment he picked up a ball he was trying to cross up defenders at every opportunity. And when those crossovers led to Embiid chasing the ball into the street, as they often did, he would just get back on the court and try the same move — with the same disastrous results — all over again. [...] Within weeks he was wrestling away most every rebound and lording over the paint, and now, if you look at the basket on the near side of this court, you can still see players shooting on a bent, nearly unhinged rim. That was Embiid’s doing. He dunked too hard.