Two days on from his incredible four-goal performance capped with the early frontrunner for goal of the year the hockey world is still buzzing about nineteen-year-old sensation Tomas Hertl. But on Thursday the conversation took a slight turn when Washington Capitals' coach Adam Oates gave voice to a growing crowd of dissenters calling Hertl's move disrespectful.

And that's when Joe Thornton came to Hertl's rescue. Sensing that the conversation was beginning to turn against his linemate the Sharks' captain decided to do his captainly duty Thursday turning the attention away from Tomas Hertl and squarely on himself.

How did he do that? He whipped out one doozy of a quote. From Jason Botchford of The Province:

Hearing a question to Marleau about Hertl and whether he was showboating Thornton said: “Shut up have you ever played the game?”
When the press turned his way he then added:
“I’d have my [rooster] out if I scored four goals. I’d have my [rooster] out stroking it.”
In Hertl's defense he's new to this country. That's a good way to get deported.