When general manager Doug Wilson declared last month that the Sharks were in a rebuild phase, the 72 hours leading up to Friday night's NHL draft seemed to be the ideal time for a major trade -- maybe even one involving Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau.

Now, every signal indicates that won't be happening.

For one thing, Thornton and Marleau have shown no intention of waiving clauses in their contracts that prevent Wilson from moving them at any time against their wishes. For another, Wilson says he is not in any hurry for events to play themselves out because he has seven picks in this week's draft and nine more in 2015.

"When you're in the rebuild, there's no panic or rush," the general manager said in his annual pre-draft session with reporters. "You do things at the right time. If we didn't have picks this year I'd be rushing to maybe get some picks. But we have the full complement."

Not that there haven't been plenty of trade possibilities brought up in the past two weeks.

ESPN hockey reporter Pierre LeBrun said the Detroit Red Wings have contacted Wilson to discuss Thornton. The Toronto Maple Leafs, according to a Toronto Sun report, are one of six teams calling the Sharks about their captain. There even has been speculation that Thornton would be a good fit on the New York Rangers, and at one point there was talk -- later shot down -- of a trade back to the Boston Bruins.

But Thornton, through his agent-brother John Thornton, has let it be known he has no interest in leaving San Jose after signing a three-year, $20.25 million contract extension in January. Maybe he would re-think that position if he felt fans wanted him to leave, his brother said two weeks ago, but so far there's been no groundswell for that.

Marleau, who signed his three-year, $20 million extension at the same time as Thornton, hasn't been in the same spotlight.