Nick Cotsonika has already written one awesome article on the Dallas Stars this season as he gave us an in-depth introduction to Jaromir Jagr's work ethic and its effect on his teammates.

And now, exactly a week later, he comes back with another great feature on a Stars player, this one focusing on Jamie Benn.

The beginning of the story is both awesome and telling as Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk talks about just how talented Benn is and the potential he has for greatness. And it explores Benn's future role with the Stars both on and off the ice.

Several comments have been made here at Defending Big D about if the Stars would be willing to move the captaincy of the team to Benn in the near future, and Cotsonika seems to indicate while that day is not imminent, it's certainly in the Stars plans for the future.

It's a sensitive subject around the Stars, because Morrow is so respected and handling this so professionally. But it's no secret Benn could become the captain one day – if he earns it.

"I think he has the potential to grow into that," Nieuwendyk said. "He's going through a lot of experiences that are only going to help him down the road, and this contract is probably another one, the pressure of it. I think it was very tough on him, and now he's got to play with a big dollar attached to his name. Those things are important. He'll respond, and there will be some ups and there will be some downs, but you just hope that he continues to get better and he does all the right things."