On the Joe Nathan deal:

Moore: I think it's a great move for them. I think he pitched well enough and you saw a large enough sample at the end of this past season to feel that he's gotten past any injury concerns. And I think it also ducktails into Feliz. I'm not sure that you can go into another season with him in the same role. I think you saw him balk at it a little bit this year. I don't think, mentally, he was prepared to go into another season as the closer. I think maybe you saw some backlash from that as the season went on. So I think it's timing with him – get Nathan in here, who's a quality guy, a quality reliever. And let's face it, it gives you a little bit of leverage in negotiations with C.J. if it works that way. So you cover yourself, you put yourself in a different dynamic in those negotiations. To me, it's a no-brainer all the way around. It makes perfect sense.