Hall-of-Fame New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath has been vocal about some of his old team’s quarterbacks, once saying the Jets wasted a draft pick on Geno Smith and backing Mark Sanchez even after it became apparent the team was trying to push him out the door.

So does Namath, 70, have any thoughts on Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford?

“Yeah, I’d like him on our team,” Namath said Saturday as he walked the red carpet at the NFL Honors Show at Radio City Music Hall.

Namath, who led the Jets to a Super Bowl III victory over the Baltimore Colts, was one of several greats at the position to share their thoughts on Stafford during Super Bowl week, and all agree the Lions’ soon-to-be 26-year-old signal caller is a significant talent.

“He’s amazing,” former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly said. “He does, he’s got everything you want as a quarterback. He’s got the arm, he’s got it all. He just needs to get more players around him and I think he’ll do all right. I mean, as an offensive system, he’s put up the numbers, but you need the whole package. You need special teams and defense to be able to complement that. They’ve had it at times, but it’s got to be consistent.”

Kelly, who led the Bills to four Super Bowls in the 1990s, said he hasn’t studied Stafford close enough to know what he’s lacking as a quarterback, but he has an explanation for the 19 interceptions Stafford threw during the Lions’ 7-9 season this year.

“One of the things, when you have a good arm, a strong arm, you take chances,” Kelly said. “I can never say that I’ve never thrown that many interceptions before, too, but you just have to be consistent and sometimes know that throwing the ball away or taking a sack is not that bad. And I think as a quarterback when you’re competitive, you want to take those chances and you just hope that, say if it’s a deep square, you hope the guy keeps it flat instead of round it off and when you don’t, you throw that pick, it looks bad for the quarterback and really it was the receiver, but we would never say it was his fault.”

Kurt Warner, now an analyst at NFL Network, has long held that Stafford has the talent to be elite, but needs to improve his mechanics and decision making.