The American winger, who is a member of the national team's U-23 pool, has found a home in Germany as he looks to bring his game to the top level.

Should Hoffenheim attacking midfielder Joe Gyau ever get homesick, he doesn't need to look far. United States international Fabian Johnson lives 15 minutes in one direction, while Gyau's fellow reserve team players Zach Pfeffer and Russell Canouse are 10 minutes in another direction.

Gyau catches up with the latter duo for weekly dinners, giving the Tampa-born winger a regular taste of home. Not that the 21-year-old needs it though, after four years in Germany. And having gotten comfortable with the language and the culture, it is now the soccer Gyau is looking to master. He is adamant he will not be going anywhere until he does.

"I couldn't see myself leaving Germany any time soon," Gyau told Goal.

By his own admission, Gyau's biggest challenges lie ahead - ones in and outside of his control. Importantly, however, he is seeing progress. Gyau spent the 2012-13 campaign on loan at second-tier club St. Pauli, showing flashes of what he was capable of in 15 appearances, most of which came off the bench. He makes no bones about his feelings when he returned to Hoffenheim to face another season with the club's reserve side.

"Coming back to play with the second team, in the beginning I was a little bummed about it," Gyau said.

"Being exposed to a certain level of football, you want to be able to stay at that level, you know what I mean? Coming back, it knocked me down for a little bit. I was a little sad about it. But I couldn't keep wallowing in my sorrows for too long. It wouldn't have helped anybody."