The Yankees offered Joe Girardi a new contract and a raise on Friday. He still had not answered them on Monday in part according to a Chicago Sun-Times report before he is “torn” between the Yankees and formally discussing an opportunity with the Cubs.

The Yankees’ offer bumped up Girardi’s $3 million salary and reportedly could go as high as $15 million over three seasons if Girardi hits his incentives. But the Cubs have floated the suggestion they will top whatever the Yankees offer.

Girardi is under contract until Nov. 1. The Yankees have yet to allow another team permission to speak with him and do not intend to do so. But reports from Chicago insist there has been back-channel communication between the Cubs and Girardi’s camp. Girardi’s agent Steve Mandell is based out of the Windy City and Girardi grew up in nearby Peoria went to college at Northwestern and played seven seasons with the Cubs.

The Yankees have not set a deadline for an answer from Girardi people with knowledge of the situation have told The Star-Ledger. But they may pull the offer if Girardi opts to pursue opportunities elsewhere.