In a grim Yankees clubhouse late last night, their season on the brink once more, Joba Chamberlain assumed the role of team comedian, cracking one self-deprecating joke after another as he and his teammates digested a brutal, 13-inning, 2-1 loss to the resilient Orioles at Yankee Stadium.

It should've been wholly inappropriate behavior by Chamberlain, who occasionally can be tone deaf with his words and actions. On this night, however? It made some sense, while at the same time casting doubt upon the Yankees' postseason survival.

To a list of adversities that already included the Lake Erie midges, Tommy John surgery and a trampoline mishap, add a broken bat shard that knocked out the revitalized Chamberlain from this taut contest. When Chamberlain broke Matt Wieters' bat on a 12th-inning single, a large bat chunk nailed the reliever on the outside of his surgically reconstructed right elbow. His availability for today's Game 5 is in doubt as the Yankees and Baltimore, tied at two games apiece, engage in a winner-take-all contest.