J.J. Watt will concede straight away that starting fresh with new coaches and a smattering of new players – including the NFL’s top overall draft pick in linebacker Jadaveon Clowney – after last fall’s 2-14 meltdown has been an energizing experience.

But it’s at your peril that you suggest to him he’s in any way re-energized by the do-over the Bill O’Brien hiring brings to a staggered franchise.

“Did I lack energy last year?” Watt said Friday, eyebrows raised, in a reply during a Q-and-A session on the eve of his fourth Texans training camp. “That’s my answer. I feel lucky to be able to play this game. Some kids, their career ends in high school, for some (it’s) college. Some only get to play a few years in the league and some get to play a long time. As long as I get to play this game I’m going to cherish (the opportunity) and I’m going to be energized.”