Grant Jennings isn't likely to be remembered for his offense, as the physical defenseman had scored only 14 goals in 389 NHL regular-season games.

But he scored a crucial ? and unlikely ? goal in the postseason in Game 3 of the Wales Conference finals against Boston.

The Bruins had just scored to trail the Penguins, 2-1, when Jennings got the puck at the left point and passed it to Mario Lemieux.

"And I just took off. It was like the parting of the Red Sea. I just looked toward the net and there was no one there," he said recently. "I'm like, OK, I guess that's my cue.

"And I just went in and, of course, Mario, I think he assisted on 80 percent of my goals in Pittsburgh ? not that there's a lot of them ? but I went in, and he put it on my stick, and (Bruins goalie Reggie) Lemelin was playing, I put it in the net. That was a big goal, that's for sure. It kind of took the wind out of their sails."

Jennings, who came over from the Hartford Whalers in March in the big trade that also included Ron Francis and Ulf Samuelsson, had grown quite familiar with the Bruins after playing in the Adams Division for three seasons.

"That was one of my favorite places to play, in the (Boston) Garden, because it was smaller and I could get ahold of the little forwards," he said. "The way I played, forwards just hated playing against me in that arena because I could just, I wasn't trying to hurt anybody. I mean I was physical, and that arena just played to my strengths, so I could get ahold of guys and hurt them, in a sense, or physically wear them down."