He almost gave them a show they never would have forgotten.

Then again, the sight of Jimmer Fredette air-balling the Sacramento Kings' final shot of the game in their loss to the Utah Jazz might be unforgettable itself. The former BYU superstar will likely be kicking himself for missing the big shot — a contested 25-footer with five seconds left. Many in the crowd were holding their breath, waiting for the ball to sink through the net.

For Kings coach Keith Smart, it's all a part of the process.

"We have a first-year player in a situation trying to do the right thing, and it's a whole different story if he made that shot," Smart said. "But it's something that you learn and you grow from here. Now understand, later on, when you have more time on the clock to maybe make a play where you don't need a 3."

If the game had been in Provo instead of Salt Lake City, and if Fredette had been playing for the Cougars instead of the Kings, no one could fault him for taking that shot.

But in the NBA, Jimmer's famous name doesn't carry as much weight. He's still a rookie NBA player on a struggling team, and he's still learning the game. The game's final play is just the latest example: His future may still be bright, but he still has a lot of development ahead of him.

So much has changed: He's no longer the focal point of the offense. Tyreke Evans — who scored 31 in the game — has earned that mantle. Smart subbed Fredette in and out of the game several times before the final buzzer, and the rookie is still getting used to it.