The transition from college to the NBA for Sacramento Kings second-year point guard Jimmer Fredette was all too familiar. Something he had dealt with not once, but twice before.

Like nearly every player who enters the NBA, Fredette faced a struggle of perception, one that oftentimes humbles a player.

"It happens to a lot of young guys coming out of college," Fredette told "It's kind of like the transition coming from high school to college where you were the man, and all of a sudden you're not, which in my case that's what it was."

Fredette, who earned Division I National Player of the Year honors his senior season at BYU as the nation's leading scorer, was caught in a battle between those who placed lofty expectations on him and the doubters and naysayers certain he would struggle at the next level. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't doing a very good job at quieting the "peanut gallery."

In his rookie season, Fredette faced criticism about his lack of defense, inability to run the offense and poor performance from the field -- he finished the season shooting 38.6 percent from the floor.