It's commonly referred to as the "Handshake of Doom" by members of the media.
Tigers ace Justin Verlander tried to avoid it Friday night.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland wouldn't let him.

First, a bit of background: Leyland will typically greet his starting pitchers at the steps of the dugout and, when he has decided a pitcher's day is done, he will extend his hand.

That handshake will signify the end of a pitcher's appearance.

Fast forward to Friday night when Verlander needed only seven pitches to breeze through a scoreless seventh inning. He was at 108 pitches and wanted to keep going.

But, as he walked to the dugout, he spotted Leyland waiting at the bottom of the steps.

Fully aware of what awaited him, he purposefully walked to the opposite end of the dugout in an attempt to dodge Leyland's fateful handshake.

It didn't work.

Leyland tracked Verlander down, shook his hand, and -- for good measure -- gave him a pat on the arm. Verlander's night was officially done.