Remember last week when everybody dismissed Colts owner Jim Irsay as the crazy old guy who just happened to inherit the team from his dad? And maybe that still holds but he's Monday's big winner after the Colts manhandled the Broncos 39-33.

And thanks to exclusive footage that will air Wednesday night on Showtime's Inside the NFL we know what Irsay told his team in the moments after the victory.

"That other guy next door (Peyton Manning) is one of the greats and I have nothing but gratitude towards what he's done for this team" the owner said. "But today is today. And we all know that we want to go and get this (Irsay holds up his right hand with the Super Bowl ring on it). Anyone who doesn't want more than one of these shouldn't wear a horseshoe because that's what it's about."

Relative to Irsay's remarks before the game these seem benign.

Still the Inside the NFL panel questioned the owner's decision to kick that dead horse one last time.

Dan Marino: "My opinion no (Irsay shouldn't have made the postgame comments). There is no reason for that. I mean they won the ballgame. As an owner you have to feel pretty darn lucky to have Peyton Manning for 14 years and win a ring. There are a lot of guys who have played in the NFL and have been great players including me I feel like I was a good player and I don't have a ring. So I don't think you go there at all."

Cris Collinsworth: "You know why go back? I mean go back in the locker room when they turn off the cameras and go ‘Like I said guys I love Peyton Manning but it's about the ring!' You know and use it to fire them up. But I wouldn't do it on camera no."

Phil Simms: "Let it go. Never say the word. Don't talk about Super Bowl rings. Don't bring up Peyton's name the other quarterback. Let it go."

In case you're just back from Mars and missed the backstory here's the short version: In the days leading up to the Peyton Returns to Indy! Bowl Irsay made some questionable comments about Manning and in the process insinuated that former coach Tony Dungy and team president Bill Polian failed to live up to expectations.