Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay had trouble standing, his speech was slurred and he admitted taking several medications but refused to voluntarily submit to a blood test after he was stopped by a Carmel police officer on March 16.

Those and many other new details about Irsay's arrest are contained in police reports obtained Wednesday by The Indianapolis Star through a public records request.

Police also found $29,029 in cash — most of it in a briefcase and laundry bag where police also found numerous bottles containing prescription drugs — in the silver Toyota Highlander that the billionaire was driving.

Irsay agreed at the scene to take a portable breath test, though the result of that test was redacted in the records obtained by The Star. Irsay denied having consumed any alcohol, according to the arresting officer, who told a supervisor called to the scene that he "believed Irsay to be intoxicated on a substance other than alcohol."

Irsay, 54, has not been formally charged in the case. He was handcuffed at the scene and booked into the Hamilton County Jail, where he was held for several hours on a preliminary misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated and four preliminary counts of possession of a controlled substance.

The popular NFL team owner, who has been credited with playing a major role in bringing the 2012 Super Bowl to Indianapolis, is now undergoing unspecified treatment at an out-of-state medical inpatient facility, according to a statement issued by the Colts. In 2002 he admitted undergoing treatment for prescription drug abuse.